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Employee Rewards Program for Staff Motivation

Looking for ways to motivate your employees to bring in new sales, leads and enquiries? Set up an employee rewards program and see your sales soar.

Employee rewards programs come in all shapes and sizes. It could be the omnipresent staff discount, sales commissions, recognition systems or even a salary bonuses. We see these types of rewards so frequently in businesses that they’re almost a given, but how can these employee rewards and employee recognition programs help staff motivation, staff retention and

One of the more famous employee rewards program case studies comes from American Express, who created a gamified employee rewards program for customer service employees. The program rewarded staff quarterly in the first year of employment and half yearly for every year after with small amounts of points, with special cards also delivered to employees after reaching each milestone. These points would them be redeemable for significant rewards and drive employees to stay on board with the organisation.

In feedback from employees, American Express discovered that the employee recognition and reward program was the main reason for high levels of employee motivation and satisfaction. Seeing the huge results, American Express rolled out the program to other areas of the business and were able to boost employee satisfaction significantly across the organisation.

But the key to a great employee rewards program lies in matching the right incentives to your business and employees to deliver real, desirable rewards in a way that doesn’t impact your business.

Health Benefits & Staff Motivation

Why should your company provide healthcare for your employees? To keep your company healthy.

New research from the World Cancer Research Fund shows that employer health benefits can “make a company more competitive through reduced absenteeism and improved morale”. What this means is that by actively addressing the health-related concerns of their employees with healthcare benefits, businesses can improve their staff motivation and morale while also providing the basic healthcare needs of employees, reducing the likelihood of sick leave.

But why does healthcare boost staff motivation?

By addressing the basic need for protection against the costs and financial woes that come with illness or injury, businesses can alleviate concerns employees have about their health and basically make their employees feel like their valued to the company. Staff morale and motivation are intrinsically linked to the satisfaction of basic needs and for many people, health is top of the agenda.

Aside from the obvious boost to staff morale and staff motivation that healthcare benefits provides, it’s also seen by employees as a long-term investment in their wellbeing by their employer. If you’re looking to improve your long-term staff retention, healthcare is a surefire way to improve staff morale, motivating employees morale, and help keep your employees happy and motivated.